$5 Kindle E-Book Template for MS Word

Use the Easy Kindle E-book Template for Microsoft Word or Open Office to build your Amazon Kindle e-book ready for upload for KDP in just minutes! The simplest, easiest e-book template online - guaranteed!

The $5 MS Word Kindle E-Book Template! 
Over 600 Happy Customers... And Counting!

Looking for a quick,easy, and pain-free way to build your Amazon Kindle e-books? You've come to the right place! My professional Microsoft Word Kindle e-book template for PC and Mac is pre-built to help you get your e-book prepared and uploaded to Amazon for publishing in minutes. 

The resulting e-book will display perfectly on all Kindle devices and mobile apps - no coding required! It really is the simplest and quickest way to publish to Kindle using Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 / 365Over 600 authors are using my template already, so why not join them? 


Prepare Your E-Book Ready for Sale on Amazon in 3 Simple Steps:

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Feedback From A Few Happy Customers:

This Kindle template was less than one-third of what I paid to have an eBook built for me in the past. The instructions were easy to follow and if it were not for this template, I am sure I would still be stumbling along... Recommended!"  
Virginia Wright

"I've been impressed with Andrew's support and advice and anybody who follows the MS Word template's simple step-by-step guide will end up with a book that looks good, all without the difficulties of building a template themselves."
John Hodgson 

"Thanks Andrew for the ebook templete, boy I tell you it makes everything much easier. I was getting ready to pull my hair out until I stumbled across your template. What a lifer saver for me :0)"
Linda Lee

A Ready-Made MS Word Kindle E-Book Template for Only $5!

Completely Hassle Free

Forget about coding HTML, and converting to get your book ready for Kindle. Write, save and upload to Kindle perfectly in MS Word! Compatible with MS Word 2003, 2007,  2010, and 2013 / 365.

An Absolute Bargain

Other Kindle e-book templates are sold online for up to $100 or more, so $5 - for a limited time only - really is a steal!

Pays For Itself In No Time

If your book costs $2.99 on Amazon and sells at the 70% royalty rate, you'll cover the cost of this template after just a handful sales!

Use It Again and Again

Save a copy of the template and you can use it to over and over to build as many Kindle books as you like! 

The Kindle EBook Template includes:

  • Title page
  • Copyright page
  • A fully working linked, clickable table of contents
  • Chapter pages and headings - add as many chapters as you like!
  • How to insert images that display perfectly on any Kindle device
  • How to insert guide items (Cover, Start, ToC bookmarks required by Kindle)
  • A generous selection of pre-formatted styles for headings, sub-headings, quotes, etc.
  • Ability to format text with bold, italics, underline, etc.
  • How to use page breaks to separate chapters
  • End matter, including an About the Author and More From This Author pages
  • How to save your completed book ready for upload and publishing

Download Your Template NOW - Instant Access!

End the frustration of building a book for Kindle right now! Click below to buy and download your $5 Kindle e-book Template.

*works with Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2007, and Microsoft Word 2010.